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Shower Curtain Sit Spots

I’m back, with more shower curtain goodness! I have made sitting spots out of medium weight shower curtains from Walmart. I wanted something thicker since these will get more traffic than the covers on the instruments. These are in groups of 4 and each group is 6 feet from another group. Each group will haveContinue reading “Shower Curtain Sit Spots”

Mallet Disinfecting

Hello everyone! I have thought about the best way to disinfect my mallets, and this is what I have come up with. I know in the video it says I’ll use bleach, and that’s only ok because I am going to rinse the mallets in between each class. They will not be in a child’sContinue reading “Mallet Disinfecting”


My name is Emily Knight and I teach in a small town in Tennessee. I have 3rd-5th grade students and I teach about 400 kids in year. I am the only music teacher in my district that teaches these age groups. This has made me very resourceful and a very good friend maker. Blogs andContinue reading “Hello!”

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