My name is Emily Knight and I teach in a small town in Tennessee. I have 3rd-5th grade students and I teach about 400 kids in year. I am the only music teacher in my district that teaches these age groups. This has made me very resourceful and a very good friend maker. Blogs and Facebook groups have really helped me stay connected and formulate ideas for my classroom. I have also managed to become besties with music teachers in the next county over! I couldn’t make it without my tiny PLN!

I have completed my Orff Teacher Education Courses and I have finished World Music Drumming Level 1, 2 (twice), and Beyond the Basics. I am very enthusiastic about both ways of teaching. I serve on the board of the St. Louis Orff Chapter as a hospitality chair. Also, I am the secretary of the Quad State Orff Chapter that just started in Murray, KY! I’m not good at talking about myself…so that’s enough of that stuff.

This blog is intended as a place for me to store some of my favorite lessons. Although, right now we are in a pandemic and it is mostly going to be WHAT DO I DO THERE IS A PANDEMIC AND WE CANNOT DO ANYTHING thought process of mine. The first few posts are going to be about things I have prepared to have my classroom be a place that I can clean quickly and creating as safe of an environment as possible for my students. We start back on August 3rd, so hopefully this will help people who don’t have to go back quite as quickly as we do.

ENJOY! I look forward to meeting you and hopefully helping you.

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