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Shower Curtain Sit Spots

I’m back, with more shower curtain goodness! I have made sitting spots out of medium weight shower curtains from Walmart. I wanted something thicker since these will get more traffic than the covers on the instruments. These are in groups of 4 and each group is 6 feet from another group. Each group will haveContinue reading “Shower Curtain Sit Spots”

Mallet Disinfecting

Hello everyone! I have thought about the best way to disinfect my mallets, and this is what I have come up with. I know in the video it says I’ll use bleach, and that’s only ok because I am going to rinse the mallets in between each class. They will not be in a child’sContinue reading “Mallet Disinfecting”

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2 thoughts on “Home

    1. Both were considerations. The disinfectant has to be allowed to dry on the surfaces, so with my wooden bars I certainly think they could sustain damage through swelling. Also, when dealing with a porous surface, the virus could potentially be harder to reach. I would also think you would need to clean the tubing and under the bars as well, which would be difficult. My students do pretty well, but they will touch every part of the xylophone that they are able to touch. Covering them seemed safer for the students and the instruments, as well as saving me time when I have to sanitize between classes.


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